Is this the world's biggest front-page typo?

The Washington Express has published maybe the biggest "typo" in front-page history.

Can you spot it?

Of course you can. For a story about "More than 150,000 people supporting women's rights" the Washington Express chose to use a massive picture of people gathering in the symbol for men.

It hasn't gone un-noticed.

People have been saying that "maybe they're making a statement" with the man symbol, rather than a massive design fail.

But that would be more convincing if they hadn't deleted their initial tweet proudly announcing:

Today’a cover: The Women’s March on Washington started on Facebook. Now it’s expected to be the largest rally linked to the inauguration.
— Express (@WaPoExpress) January 5, 2017

In future, The Express promise they'll google what the symbol for female looks like, before they splash it across the front page.

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