Is this the most passive aggressive job ad ever?

Everyone wants to talk about millennials right now - and most people who aren't in that age bracket are hugely wrong about what life in your twenties/late teens is like right now.

That's never been more apparent than this ridiculously patronising job ad from the Tea House Theatre in London.

Why are we not surprised that two people have already quit in the last three months?

Not only are they ageist *twice* in the now-deleted ad, they also seem to be advertising for an experienced candidate on less than a London living wage. Sounds fun!

And their douchebaggery has been confirmed as the reason why staff are dropping like flies.

Sometimes, when this many people are 'incompetent' you have to wonder... Is it me that's the problem? Maybe a little self reflection is necessary here Tea House bosses.

Needless to say, people's reactions weren't great.

Given the atrocious spelling, grammar, and attitude in the job description, it seems like HG Iggulden and IF Rushton could do with some of that education us millennials so lack.

What do you guys think about this shower of dickheads? (slightly biased here).