Is this the grimmest takeaway in the UK?

Takeaways aren't exactly known for their five star cuisine or hygiene ratings.

You go to a takeaway for the opposite of luxury; it's lazy, greasy and capable of remedying even the worst of hangovers.

But some takeaways are definitely worse than others, with this particular establishment possibly taking the title for worst in Britain.

The owner of Chunki Chicken, a chicken shop in Teesside, Middlesborough, was landed in court last week after shocking photos of its awful hygiene were released by environmental health officers.

A hygiene investigation revealed some truly horrific discoveries, making Chunki Chicken into a real life little shop of horrors.

Credit Evening Gazette/ Council Handout

Employees took the above scourer out of the bin before using it to clean, with segments of it being found in food prep areas, on a chopping board and even in a customer's MEAL.

A deeper investigation revealed even more nightmarish conditions:

Credit Evening Gazette/ Council Handout

Credit Evening Gazette/ Council Handout

Owner Saghir Ahmed was found guilty of breaching food safety and hygiene provisions, with the shop being given an O-level hygiene rating (meaning it requires urgent action).

Ahmed will appear next week for sentencing, but in the meantime, think I'll get my cheesy chips and chicken somewhere else.