Is this the first ever meme?

A cartoon in a 1921 issue of Judge magazine is the most relatable thing I’ve seen this week, and it’s 100 years old.

It is commonly thought that memes started because of the internet, however, the kind of simple, captioned images we’ve come to love today were being made wayyyy before the internet, as this magazine proves:

To be honest, that’s definitely how I look when I try and take a photo and forget I have flash on.

It even fits perfectly into the memes being made today...

The point might have been to show how flash lighting makes your face featureless when it is lit up, however, there’s just something about the way the guy on the right is drawn...

The comic was originally posted by @yesterdaysprint on tumblr before going viral on Twitter. Check the page out and discover more historic memes and article clips.