Is Jay Z stealing from you?

Tidal have reactivated account

What is Tidal?

Music streaming services like Spotify tend to rip off poor impoverished musicians. They don’t really give them a fair cut. Well, man of the people Jay Z was fed up of Spotify doing this so set up his own streaming service Tidal. It’s tagline is ‘by artists, for artists’ (although it should be ‘by millionaires, for millionaires’).

Tidal is jointly owned by humble, everyday, perfectly ‘normal’ musicians such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Kanye, Madonna, Jack White, deadmau5 and Daft Punk - you know, people who are not at all detached from the reality of average musicians lives. Although, to be fair, Tidal’s revenue sharing plan does pay artists slightly more than other streaming services.

Is Tidal good?

Well, you have to pay for it - £20 a month. The draw is that musicians get more money, and your music is ‘high fidelity’, which in theory means the sound quality is better. Well, here’s the thing, you aren’t getting better sound unless you’ve invested thousands of pounds in a high fidelity home audio system. If you’re listening to it in normal headphones, you’re wasting your money.

Also, what’s not great, is the huge amount of mobile data you’re eating up by streaming huge, uncompressed, lossless audio files.

What’s the problem?

Well, people didn’t like it. Lots of people signed up to the free trial, and generally cancelled after that.

It seemed like Tidal was dead.

But then all of a sudden, Tidal’s user base started growing again, and rapidly. And no, not because they added cool features or improved the service. What they did was “accidentally” reactivate a ton of former users accounts and started billing them a monthly fee, without those users realising (check your accounts if you signed up to the trial!) or giving their permission. Most of the people affected were NEVER paying customers in the first place having only ever signed up for a free trial.

So to say sorry, Tidal gave out full refunds and then free access to Tidal Premium for the next three months - something you can't sign or opt out of. And where it gets REALLY bad, is that when users (who didn’t want the account, but seem stuck with it) dug around in the settings of their previously dead accounts, the settings were set to auto renew the subscription, after the three months - charging their credit cards again! That now should have been fixed, thanks to users calling Tidal out online.

I had a free trial - what should I do?

You need to check your Tidal account to see if it’s alive, and your bank account to ensure no money has been taken out. If it has, you’re entitled to a refund. If that has automatically happened, ensure that in the settings the subscription isn’t set to auto-renew. This shouldn’t happen, but it’s worth double checking.

Has this happened to you? Let us know.