Is it just us, or is everything shrinking?

Cadbury's have announced (in an American accent, probably) that Cadbury's Creme eggs will now be sold in packs of four instead of five, without changing the price. How do you eat yours? In smaller and smaller quantities, it appears.

I don't want to be the paranoid guy who measures his chocolate before he eats it, but this seems to be a pretty well established trend of food products getting smaller without the price being affected.

I'm sure Wagon Wheels used to be the size of my face, now I lose them in my change purse. Kit Kats used to have a full ten fingers (or was it eight fingers and two thumbs?). Call me paranoid but I think they're putting less horse in our lasagna.

Can you think of any other products that you suspect have shrunk lately? Let me know on Twitter or by emailing me at and I'll check it out.