Is It Coming Home?

England fans are getting pretty excited after some great results in the last two group games, and it’s starting to look like it might be ‘coming home.’

It's already an iconic chant, you can hear it outside clubs on any given night and it’s all over the internet. Right now it's exploding because of the 6-1 Panama win on Sunday, but also the 2-1 Tunisia win before that – not massive surprises, but miles better than 2014. This time four years ago, England had 0 points, and ended up bottom of the group, but now they’re right at the top, and it might stay that way depending on the Belgium game. Oh yeah, and then they’ll win the World Cup.

Some said that the 6-1 win didn’t mean a lot, because Panama are only ranked 55th in the world, but that hasn’t stopped enthusiasm at all...

There’s a lot to be excited about even if it is ‘only Panama,’ for example, Captain Harry Kane is in the lead for the World Cup Golden Boot, and is only the third ever England player to score a world cup hat-trick.

England have a lot to do yet before they win the tournament, they will definitely go through to the knock-out stages now, but if they want to come top of the table they will need to beat (or draw with) Belgium, currently ranked 3rd in the world. Their squad includes Romelu Lukaku, who is only one goal behind Kane’s Golden Boot position.

After this, they’ll have to get through four knock-out games likely to be against increasingly difficult opposition. Beating Belgium would be a good indicator that it really, really is possible. And then…