27 Incredibly short videos guaranteed to make you laugh

Procrastinating, huh? These short videos will keep you busy...

1) It's smiling

It likes us.

2) It needs a lozenge

Give it him.

3) Snore

They're divorced now.

4) Nice, Ron!

"What, I can't even sneeze now??"

5) Way to go, Paul

Typical freaking Paul.

6) This is why mom doesn't F@cking love you...

Precisely this.

7) Jesus Christ, Fenton


8) Son of a bitch, Clyde! Get in the truck.

"Clyde you goddamn son of a bitch, I told you already."

9) The cheese has spoken

It's hard to argue with cheese.

10) Han Solo's realization

Right there with you, Hanny.

11) Laser cat bowling


12) No reshoots

Got it in one shot. No reshoots.

13) Oh my god it can't stop!


14) The pug files

Now we're scared.

15) Thug life magician

Just because you're living the thug life doesn't mean you can't do it with some pizzazz.

16) Bucket Head

Little Tommy two-buckets right here...

17) Are you afraid of technology?


18) Angry on a roof

"Where am I menna put my weight????"

19) This guy thinks he can balance an egg

"Bloody hell, Jeff, you're good at that!"

20) We feel you, screaming deer


21) When you don't have towels...

Every wash day.

22) Oh my god

What have you done??!

23) I can't believe you've done this...

Look at what you've done.

24) No-one f*cks with Gary

No-one f*cks with Gary.

25) Really, no-one f*cks with Gary

Seriously, no-one f*cks with Gary.

26) Sail


27) What was that?

Dog ghost.

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