A list of 100s of films you can watch for free on Youtube

If you're incredibly bored, Paramount have added hundreds of films onto Youtube which you can now watch for free on Youtube. They're only available in America, but this simple hack you can watch them all from any country you happen to be in.

The one we're most intrigued by? The buddy comedy called "The Chumscrubber".

Here is the full list of films you can watch, divided into genre.


Beneath * The Sender * The Loved Ones * Ghost Team One

Circle of Eight * The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 * Shanks

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead * In Dreams * Rumpelstiltskin

The Colossus Of New York


Queer Duck: The Movie * Riding High * Sheila Levine Is Dead And Living In New York

The Stooge * A Touch of Larceny * Where’s Marlowe?

The Errand Boy * Funny About Love * Margot At the Wedding

A New Life * A New Kind Of Love * My Six Loves

Serving Sara * The Busy Body * Festival In Cannes

Come Blow Your Horn * Casanova’s Big Night * Darling, How Could You!

Miracle Of Morgan’s Creek * There Goes The Neighborhood * Artists And Models

The Chumscrubber * The Devil And Miss Jones * Don’t Give Up The Ship

Flashback * Ghost Team One * Here Comes The Groom

The Man Who Wasn’t There * On the Double * Paris When It Sizzles


Ironweed * Hamlet * The Chumscrubber

In Dreams * The Reckoning * Love Streams

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead * 1900 * Man, Woman and Child

No Man Of Her Own * Appointment With Death * Bride Of Vengeance

CHAMELEON * Conquest of Space * Crack in the World

Daisy Miller * Dark City * The Deadly Bees

Don’t Give Up The Ship * Escape From Zahrain * Get Real

A Girl Named Tamiko * King Creole * King Solomon’s Mines

The Loved Ones * The Man In The Vault * Margo At The Wedding

Ninja III: The Domination * Omar Khayyam * The Outsider

Quebec * Revenge Of the Ninja * The Sender

Shanks * The Strange Love of Martha Ivers * Thunder In The East

A Touch Of Larceny * Where’s Marlowe? * The World Of Suzie Wong

Wrong Turn At Tahoe * Elephant Walk


Seven Men From Now * American Ninja II: The Confrontation

Wrong Turn At Tahoe * Born to Raise Hell * Revenge Of The Ninja

Bound * American Ninja * Appointment With Death

King Solomon’s Mines * Flashback * Shadowhunter

Run for Cover * Masters Of The Universe * The Mountain

Sword Of The Valiant * American Ninja III: Blood Hunt * Dear Brat

Escape From Zahrain * The Fighting Kentuckian (B&W) * Here Comes The Groom

The Man Who Wasn’t There * Missing In Action * Ninja III: The Domination

Omar Khayyam * Quebec * Thunder in the East * There Goes The Neighborhood

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