30 amazing Halloween costumes (that make yours look awful)

You'll probably smear some fake blood on your face like last year. These folk really put the effort in...

But first, here's a cat dressed as a pirate.

And without further ado, the costumes...

29) This genuinely terrifying clown

28) This fabulous Darth Vader

27) This football playing dog

26) This horrifying pregnant zombie

25) The house from up, dressed up as a human woman

24) Moustache man, dressed as a crowning baby

23) These dogs who deliver

22) This lego guy dressed as a businessman

21) Dog Yoda

20) Gus Fring, the early years

19) Lego David Cameron in the middle

18) Not really sure what this is, but it's horrifying. He might just be going for "man covered in dolls".

17) "I want to play a game... of tag"

16) Girls being kidnapped by the cast of Wayne's World

15) The cutest Hannibal Lecture you ever did see

"I don't wanna eat his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti. I want chips."

14) This guy, showing the terrifying future of Youtube and dating

13) This skilled lady

12) And this spooky skellington

11) Edward Scissorhands over here, who's too young to run with them

10) House


9) Iron man

8) An oompa loompa and a taco

7) This lobster and a bucket

6) I want Beetlejuice

5) This kinda bold choice

4) Alive mum with a zombaby

3) This horrifying monstrosity

2) Misuse of a zip

1) This father and son going as "things we want right now"

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