If you've bought this Quorn product, you need to return it now...

Quorn, a healthy meat substitute, have had to recall 12,000 packets of its frozen meat-free mince.

The reason for the Quorn mince recall is due to the mince may actually contain small pieces of metal...not what you imagined when they said it's a 'good source of iron'.

So if you, like many of the millions of people have decided to save the planet/be healthy and go vegetarian for lent, then you may need think again, perhaps God is giving you a sign.

The Foods Standards Agency warned customers not to eat the product because it represented a safety risk.

If you have recently bought a 300g bag of Quorn meat-free mince before the 27th February 2017 at a Tesco store, (apparently the metallic mince is exclusive to Tesco stores) then you can go back to Tesco and get a full refund.

People have taken to Twitter to discuss the issue:

...but at least it added some flavour.