If Jeremy Corbyn was PM we'd all have the week off

It's every Brits worst nightmare; temperatures soaring way above the comfortable 20C we're all used to during the average British summer.

For those in London the daily commute becomes a hair-raising obstacle course trying to avoid fellow sweaty commuters as you pray the guy who STILL CYCLED TO WORK doesn't accidentally rub his excess sweat onto you as you squeeze onto a non-air conditioned train packed tighter than sardines.

WELL... back in 2015 Jeremy Corbyn pledged to introduce a ban on employers making their staff work when indoor temperatures exceed 30C. A champion of workers rights, Jezza suggested the ban would legally oblige employers to protect their staff from "heat stress."

As we gear up for a scorching 33C across the U.K. today, we hold a moments sweaty silence to imagine the day off work we could all be enjoying had JC made it to (a nicely air conditioned) No. 10.