Idiot says women should "control their bladder" rather than expect free tampons

Well, this is why you need to pay attention in school, and maybe speak to a girl from time to time. So you don't look as stupid as this moron.

Meet 19 year-old Ryan Williams from Canvey Island, Essex. This genius decided to post on his social media telling women to "control their bladder" with regards to the tampon tax.

Williams claims Tampons are "luxury items" rather than a necessity for female hygiene, proudly boasting that he "doesn't go around urinating everywhere and expect free nappies."

I think this guy needs a refresher course in Biology. Take a look at his bizarre rant on twitter:

It makes me sad that I am only four years older than him.

He had plenty of response from women mocking him:

Most replies were fun mocking, but some turned on him and he says he has even received death threats.

But he seems to be taking the abuse in his stride, posting on his facebook page, "for TV enquiries, please contact me directly."

On his profile, Williams claims he is a 'politician and youth adults spokesperson', as well as an "avid 'meninist'".

This sat well with one particular woman:

Stay in school kids. Don't be like Ryan.