8 times Iceland made incredible fusion food

Iceland have been attempting to make some fusion food. Here are the results.

8) This glorious proof that there is a god and he's working in pizza development at Iceland

"Shall we put a cheeseburger on a pizza?"

"No, you idiot."


"We're going to put TWO damn cheeseburgers on a pizza."

7) This travesty

"Hey Bob, we're out of jam for the jam donuts."

"Well jam some duck in there, you moron. Jesus Christ, no-body uses their initiative anymore."

6) This atrocity

"We've made a chicken tikka pizza, and it works."

"Mmm, that tastes good. Jam some cheese on there."

"I... I don't think it needs the cheese."

"Jam some cheese on there or be fired. Pizzas need cheese, we won't stand for that kind of crazy talk here at Icelend."

5) This pudding / main course / cause of vomit

"I hate to inform you, Mr Factory Boss, but there's been a spillage in the curry / pudding section. BUT don't worry, we have a plan of sorts..."

4) This crime against the north

"Hate to tell you, boss, but we've had another accident in the factory. It's worse than the other one."

3) This abomination unto the Lord

Mario must be rolling in his grave.

2) This one might actually be quite good

Might be the beer talking, but I could go for one of these right now.

1) This car-crash

"Everybody stay calm, but it's happened again. But I think this one's going to go well with our sausage popadoms."

Your move, Waitrose.

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