I vaped my Dad's piss: when an anti-smoking message goes too far

Reddit vape piss wee

Now for a truly heartwarming tale of the lengths a father will go to stop his son smoking.

An anonymous 18 year old Redditor had just started vaping when he realised that his e-cig had started tasting a bit, well, pissy. Instead of immediately stopping the dirty habit he posted a question online asking what might have happened.

It was only later that he found out what (or who) the true culprit actually was.

According to the post, his Mum was cleaning his room when she found his E-cig, she wasn’t happy to find out that her son was vaping and handed it over to his Dad to destroy. The following texts reveal what happened next.

First of all he smashes his vape with a hammer.

Then the truth is revealed, the pissy taste was his Dad's wee all along.

He then tells his son that "The world is my toilet". Charming.

In the Reddit post (disturbingly) the son seems more upset that he's lost his vaping equipment than the fact that he's spent a week INHALING HIS DAD'S URINE.

Although, the commenters did find a positive side to smoking real cigarettes instead:

This really vapes the piss.