Check out the FREE app (by the people that brought you SMS!) which will let you recommend things to your mates


Check out the FREE app (by the people that brought you SMS!) that will let you recommend things to your mates

When it comes to finding out about films, music, bars and clubs, who do you trust to give you a recommendation? Your mates, right!? You like what they like, and they know what you'd probably enjoy, because let's be honest, you can’t trust Netflix’s suggestions.

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Here is where the new free app, Hypit comes in.

What is Hypit?

Hypit comes from the team that brought you Student Money Saver (so you know it's going to be awesome)! Basically, it is a way of sharing the things you love and it's majorly addictive.

Just watched The Walking Dead? Reckon it's good? 'Hype it' (Hypit - clever eh?!), so your friends know you like it. They can hypit too, comment on it (GLEN!), or add it to their 'to do' list.

You know when you spot an advert on the TV, or a friend recommends something and you forget it within two minutes of leaving? If you’re lucky you’ll have remembered to add it to the notes in your phone, but that doesn’t give you a clip of the song or tell you how many series of the show there’s been. On Hypit you can add it to your to do list and you’ll never be stuck with nothing to watch or listen to again and you’ll be one of those people who have seen everything and judge others for not being up to date with the latest Scandi box set.

Be the first to Hype

Because we're giving you heads up and it’s only just gone live on the app store, you'll be the first people to use it, if you discover a band, restaurant, or location first, you can hype it and thousands of people will be hyping your recommendation. Famous much? You’ll also be able to bag a coveted @john or @mary handle before anyone else.

How do you get Hypit?

So it's free to get, no ads, no spam etc. and available on Apple and Android. It's got 5 stars and The Evening Standard gave Hypit a rave review.

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