How you compare to Posh Spice and other top 10 entrepreneurs

Victoria Beckham is worth over £210m and has been named Britain’s number 1 entrepreneur. With your student debt you are currently worth -£44,000 and are named much worse things behind your back.

There are many ways you are similar to Victoria Beckham. You were lovable in the 90s, have a crush on David Beckham and, if we’re honest, you don’t really sing well enough to justify having a place in the Spice Girls.

But what do you have in common with her, and the other top 10 entrepreneurs?

You’re getting a degree

Reassuringly, 7 of Britain’s top 10 entrepreneurs finished university degrees. Only one dropout, Phillip Doye, was on the list, and he came in a lowly 8th (out of 64 million Brits). Barely worth mentioning.

There are a lot of student entrepreneurship groups to join out there, and they’re making real money. The Cambridge University Entrepreneurs, for instance, have earned roughly £100m worth of investment.

Their family helped them out a lot

Feel bad for asking for money from your family?

family help entrepreneurship

2 of the top 10 gained their wealth with help from their family. Philip Doye, number 9 on the list, gained investment from his family, who own a 54% stake in his company.

Julian Dunkerton, number 4, borrowed £2000 off his parents to pay help buy a shop due for demolition and set up his own fashion brand. 17 years later he’d earned so much money his company accidentally overstated their profits by £10m. You have to have a lot of money before you misplace £10m, as well the world’s largest sofa and massive holes in your pockets. None of these things come cheap.

It might be worth mentioning Julian next time you need to borrow £20 off your parents for clothes, and try rebranding it as a “fashion investment”.

They don’t have an ounce of entrepreneurship in them either

Jonathan Ruffer, at number 10, is the worst of the 10 best entrepreneurs in the country. That still makes him better than 64 million people, if you feel the need to compare him to a lot of babies:

You get a job, randomly selected baby. Jonathan Ruffer is a better person than you.

But despite his enormous wealth and business skills he claimed in a Financial Times interview “There was not an ounce of entrepreneurial spirit in me” when he started.

They know a lot about drugs

This might not apply to all students, and only applies to one of the top 10 entrepreneurs.

Amit and Meeta Patel made their riches through injectable products including methadone and morphine. We hope your drugs knowledge is much less in depth than theirs is, and was gained from watching Breaking Bad on repeat.

breaking bad entrepreneur

Apparently it’s integral to the process.

They figured out what they wanted to do whilst at uni

The whole point of entrepreneurs is that they tried a lot of different ideas before they hit on a winner. Uni is a great place to try out your strengths, and several of the top 10 entrepreneurs did this at theirs.

Richard Branson advises you start young if being an entrepreneur is what you want to do. In an interview in The Telegraph, which isn’t known for its toddler readership, he advises starting at primary school.

We’d advise starting at university. Start by checking out societies you can join or checking out other, more bizarre ways of making money.