How to Womble (and make £100's at the supermarket)

supermarket receipt tricks

What is wombling?

Womblers scour supermarket carparks, bins and trolleys for these receipts, and then collect the receipts with money on them to nab the rewards for themselves.

asda receipt trick

Once you have collected the receipts, all you have to do is use the barcodes on the receipts in online or in store.

Why should you womble?

Supermarkets are now competing more than ever for your custom.

When you shop at a supermarket, you’ll often find that will offer you incentives to keep shopping with them in future.

These incentives are often in the form of supermarket points or money back on your next shop on your receipts.

A lot of people can’t be bothered to cash in on these incentives (or don’t realise) and throw the receipts out, or leave them at the till or in their trolley. By doing so, they are literally throwing away money.

A wombling example:

Judith Wenban testified to the benefits of wombling, as she found a receipt worth £6.50.

She told the Telegraph that ‘it was left in a shopping basket.

If you saw £6.50 on the floor, you wouldn’t leave it there, would you?

As I’m tidying up other people’s rubbish, I have no shame in that.’

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Which supermarkets does this work for?

Asda - Price Guarantee

asda price guarantee receipt trick

Asda Price Guarantee - At Asda, you simply enter the code that’s on the receipt onto its website and it will give you the difference plus 1p if it isn’t at least 10% cheaper than Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose. So if your shopping is £5 cheaper elsewhere, you’ll get a voucher for £5.01 back.

Tesco - Price Promise Guarantee

tesco price promise trick

Tesco Price Promise guarantee - Much like Asda, at Tesco you need to enter the code on your receipt onto its website. It will then calculate if the shop would have been cheaper elsewhere and it will give you double the difference in vouchers. So if your shopping is £5 cheaper elsewhere, you’ll get a £10 voucher to spend at Tesco.

Is this legit?

The Supermarkets don’t love it, but are warming up to it.

It doesn't matter who is actually buying the groceries, because all you have to do is enter the code from a valid receipt. If you do want to do it, we’d suggest to be discreet and don’t shout about it at the till, but if you are asked, it's best to honest.

tesco receipt trick

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To backup this claim, they both promise to give you credit to use on your next shop if your shopping would have been cheaper to buy elsewhere. This credit is usually given on your receipt in the form of an amount of money, and a code for your next shop to redeem the offer.