First year at uni vs final year at uni (10 massive differences)

Uni changes a lot from your first to your final year. You change even more so...

1) First year - you've heard of a library and are thinking about checking it out at some point

You still aren't sure if it's pronounced "lie-berry" and are too afraid to ask the person you think is called "Lie Bear Ian".

Final year - you're currently in the library or are thinking about going to the library

You live in the library. You'd sleep in there regularly if the napping police didn't keep coming along and shaking you awake. What the hell is wrong with that guy?

You finally understand the Dewey decimal system and have several suggestions for improvements.

2) First year - when you do an essay, you schedule in time to watch Netflix

A lot of Netflix.

Final year - when you do an essay, you schedule in time for crying

Sobbing in front of a computer used to be a rare thing. Now you have to schedule it in at the start of a study session. "1pm, assemble reading list. 1:30pm attempt to write an introduction. 2pm sob until it's time to go to bed. Repeat until word limit hit."

3) First year- you pity final year students - they look so old and stressed

It's good that they all live in the library - honestly they're difficult to look at, they look so old and stressed out, it distressing.

You hate freshers - they look so young and relaxed

Look at them - walking around with their youth and beauty and free time. Walking around, arranging fun nights out and then having them. "Oooh, what shall I do today? Oh I think I'll do something fun." You make me sick, freshers.

4) First year - you ignore the fact that jobs exist and you might need one

Meh. That's years away.

Final year - you're terrified about jobs

Oh Jesus. The future is now. I need a job now.

5) First year - you procrastinate by reading everything that's ever been on the internet

Anything, just so long as it doesn't relate to your essay or revision or learning in any way.

Final year - you have mastered procrastination and no longer need the internet

You no longer even need distractions in order to avoid doing work. You can just as easily sit there staring at a blank screen, putting off the actual typing. Congrats, I guess.

6) First year - you actually go out

You party so hard your parents are concerned about you.

Final year - you consider going to the shops "a night out"

It's just nice to be out the house. There's an essay waiting at the house.

7) First year - you don't know what you want to do after uni

But you're happy to have eliminated a few options...

Final year - you are currently punching someone who asked "so what are you doing after you graduate"

If you are currently punching someone in the back of the head because they asked "so what are you doing after you graduate" you are almost certainly in your final year at uni. And they deserve it. How dare they make you think about the future?

8) First year - you put off work till later

What's future guy done for me lately? Fuck that guy, he can deal with this essay.

Final year - You're mad at your past self for not doing enough work

There isn't a liquid you won't consider mixing with coffee granules

9) First year - you can talk calmly about life after uni

Final year - if anyone mentions uni is ending in a few months you turn into Gollum

"We don't thinks of it. You can't makes us leaves our preciouses."

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