​How to socialise, eat out & have fun without breaking the bank

save money on going out

The idea of having a great night out on a budget can sometimes seem like an impossible feat. We are all guilty of pulling out the credit card at the club and telling the bartender to keep the receipt, or, offering to pay on a date and wincing whilst punching in the pin. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Here are a few ways to have a legendary night without compromising the food shop for the month.

Nights Out

Let’s start with one of the easiest opportunities to overspend – on a night out.


Drinking in clubs and bars is an expensive hobby. Take the chance to socialise with your friends for longer and have some drinks at a fraction of the price by hosting pre-drinks at home before hitting the town.

Guest List

Nearly every club offers discount to its entry price before events. The majority also offer a discounted price before a certain time to anyone on the guest list. Some are really good and give free entry before the club gets busy. Research the clubs you plan on going to in advance to find the best prices before your night out.

Avoid the Weekends

Clubs aren’t silly, they know that at the weekends they can charge a high entry fee and push up the prices of drinks because of high demand. In the week however when most people have to get up for work the next day clubs can struggle to attract willing revellers. Therefore weekday student nights have become almost a given for any club in a major city. Entry is affordable, drinks are cheap and there are a lot more deals on beverages. Take advantage of your privileged position of being able to go out on a Tuesday night and save some money in the process.

Lights, Camera, Action

Even when you intend on having a more chilled night you can still break the bank. It can be discouraging that something that is barely worth leaving the house for can end up costing the earth. One common example of this is a trip to the cinema, but there are ways you can save.

E4 Slackers Club

E4 sporadically hosts its ‘Slackers Club’ events at Arts Picturehouse cinemas up and down the country. This allows you to see selected new releases on the big screen for free. The showings are usually on weekday mornings.

Compare the Market

The well-known comparison website figure-headed by meerkats offers a great perk of 2-for-1 cinema tickets every Tuesday or Wednesday for a year. This is a freebie included on most of the standard purchases made through its site including, car insurance, motorcycle insurance, travel insurance, credit cards and mobile phone contracts. All you do is sign up once you’ve made your purchase and the codes either come to your inbox each week or you can download the app to make things really simples.

Dinner Date

Eating out is another luxury that can become an expensive addition to any tight budge but by taking advantage of deals and discounts you can dine out any day of the week.

NUS discount

Don’t neglect your NUS card when eating out. So many restaurants whether, small family run establishments or large chains, recognise NUS discount with some offering as much as 40% off your bill.


Lots of chain restaurants and eateries have limited time offers that can get you anything from a free coffee to 2-for-1 main meals.

We've listed a few ways how you can grab a FREE Costa Coffee here, check it out! And don't forget to keep your eye on the 'Food' section of our site, we'll update you with plenty of free meals and discounts.

Taste Card

If you want to eat out as often as possible a Taste Card is a good investment. A Taste Card offers 50% off food bills or 2-for-1 on meals at dozens of popular restaurants across the UK. With several honouring the offer at weekends. Better still, students can get a three-month free trial and if you love it after that it is just £3.99 a month.

Fancy something different?

If the standard dinner, movie and drinks isn’t doing it for you a great resource for all new and exciting events in your city is Timeout online. Covering Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, London and Manchester, Timeout is an encyclopaedia of where to be in your city. It always offers great inspiration featuring festivals, gigs, pop-ups and more.

So even if you can’t bear to check your bank balance there is no excuse for not going out every night of the week. There is something to suit every budget, taste and occasion if you know where to look.