​How to make money without leaving the house

Finding flexible part-time work as a student is harder than it seems. Especially if you want to keep your evenings somewhat free to socialise, and your weekends available to visit family or study. Thankfully, it’s 2016 and that means the internet is full of opportunities that weren’t really available 10 years ago. Today you can make anything from a little extra cash to a very healthy income online. The benefits of making money online are vast; flexibility like no other job, unlimited earning potential, and no hourly commitments. If you’ve ever searched for work from home opportunities or something similar, you’ve probably come across numerous schemes, websites, and companies trying to make you pay for a secret formula. You shouldn’t need to pay before you can start earning. Below are some simple ways you really can make money online.

make money selling online

Paid surveys

Loads of different companies want feedback on their products and services. After all, a good brand knows their market inside out and caters well for them. As a consumer, your opinion matters to these companies. So much so, that they’re willing to pay for your opinions and feedback in the form of a survey.

To really get the most out of paid surveys, you need to be registered on the best survey websites. The ones that pay you well and provide you with the most survey opportunities each month. The surveys you’ll be sent will fit with your demographics and/or interests as a consumer, so they shouldn’t be too much of a chore to fill out. However, there are a number of scam sites out there, watch out for high minimum payout amounts and always look for reviews online before you sign up.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing sounds complicated, but it’s actually a very simple concept. You can earn a commission for promoting products or services on behalf of another company. To get started earning money you need to join a reputable affiliate network. An affiliate network connects you with brands looking for people to partner with.

Once you’ve signed up you can start looking for something to promote. Having a blog or website is a bonus, but not a requirement to get started. You can promote a lot of offers on your social media channels and work towards a website as you progress. For each brand you choose to promote, you will be given a unique tracking link. If someone clicks the link in your promotion and goes on to purchase a product or sign-up to a service, the commission is assigned to you. It’s advisable to choose something you know about, such as fashion, beauty, sports etc,. You’ll find it a lot easier and more enjoyable too.

If you join what’s known as a CPA affiliate network you don’t even need to sell anything, you can earn money just by generating leads. A lead is classed as someone submitting their information in the form of a name and email address. For example, when promoting a free competition you will be paid a flat fee for every single person who enters via your unique link.

For more ideas about how to earn through affiliate marketing check out our guide to making money with a blog.

sponsored posts social media

Sponsored posts on social media

In the world of the ‘Insta famous’ you can make extra cash each month by simply sponsoring products in your Instagram photos, tweets or YouTube videos. The only requirement is that you have a substantial following. The more followers you have, the more you can earn for each post. A good number is 10,000 followers, but if this seems like a long way off, try contacting smaller brands that would be happy to work with you. Alternatively, create a plan to earn more followers. Regularly sharing visually pleasing content and engaging with others on a daily basis, is the best way to generate an audience.

Apps and websites like gosnap connect you, the influencer, with brands looking to sponsor people on social media. They act as the middleman in a similar way to an affiliate network and they take the hassle out of searching yourself.

Sell things online

Are you moving to university for the first time? You might just have realised how much junk you actually have stashed around your bedroom. You know what they say, ‘one man’s junk is another man’s treasure!’ Old clothes, games, and books can all be sold on eBay for a good price. You’d be surprised how much you could make from a good clear-out. It definitely beats throwing them out and it’s a lot less effort than a car-boot!. As well as Ebay there are plenty of popular apps you can download for selling specific items. Vinted is an app dedicated to helping you sell unwanted items from your wardrobe.

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Making money online takes time, especially if you’re just starting out. Like anything, though, the more time you put in, the better you’ll become at it. If you have a specific skill, such as copywriting, graphic design or translating, you could also consider freelance work. Have a look at our guide to making money with your own creativity for ideas on how to turn your skills into cash.