How to make money with your car

Owning a car can be really expensive, it’s not just the cost of buying it, but keeping it taxed, insured and filled with petrol can really add up. A lot of students choose to get rid of their car before going away to study, but if you kept your wheels, here are a few ways you can make a bit of extra cash on the side.

Sharing rides

make money sharing rides

If you actually need your car to, you know, drive around in, ride sharing is one of the best ways to earn a bit of your petrol money back.

If you complete the same route over and over, for example, going from your house to uni every day, why not post it on LiftShare and see if anyone would be interested in car sharing with you for a small amount of petrol money. GoCarShare also offers the option of advertising regular journeys.

If you’re driving a longer distance as a one off, you should put it up on LiftShare, GoCarShare or BlaBlaCar to see if you can make some extra money. The most popular lifts people need are back and forth from festivals, especially if you’re travelling from a big city, but it’s worth it for all long distance journeys.

We’ve tested them all out, and they’re quite easy to use, one advantage BlaBlaCar has over the others is that it requests you to upload your ID, so you can verify who you are - the passenger can’t see your actual ID, but it ensures that you are who you say you are.

Renting your car out

rent your car out

If you’re someone who only uses your car at certain times, i.e. you use it to drive to your parents on the weekend but it stays sat in your driveway during the week, or you need it to commute into uni all week, but you don’t use it on the weekend, then renting out your car could be ideal.

People use EasyCarClub as a cheaper way to rent a car for a short time, and you can easily make around £60 for a weekend of someone else using your car. They have to pay for the fuel they’ve used, so you’re not losing money that way either.

You have to approve every prospective renter, and you can set a cap for the amount of mileage they can do if you’re worried about the wear and tear that’d be caused be driving hundreds of miles, and the renter will pay for anything they do over the cap.

Your car needs to be less than 15 years old and with a valid MOT certificate in order to be rented out with EasyCarClub. Just set up a profile and wait for the offers to roll in!

Be a part time courier

be a part time courier

You can make a bit of extra cash delivering items with sites like Nimber and, most items that need delivering are small enough to fit in a normal car, and some are even small enough to carry!

We’ve used Nimber to deliver things within London on public transport for £20, but if you have a car then there are a lot more jobs available to you. Despite its name, isn’t just for vans, you can see the size of the items before you bid on the jobs, so you’ll know if it’ll fit in your car, you can either use these apps to bring stuff along on journeys you were going on anyway, or make special trips to make even more money.

Advertise on your car

advertise on your car

You’ve probably seen ads on cars before, if only on London taxis and Formula One cars, but even normal drivers can make up to £200 a month by putting vinyl stickers on their car.

How much you’ll get paid will depend on the model of your car, where you park and how much driving you do. For example, a car based in the middle of the countryside will earn less than one parked on a busy city street.

The vinyl stickers won’t damage your paintwork and will be easy to remove when the time comes. There are a few companies that offer this type of advertising, so it’s worth applying to them all and seeing who’ll offer you the most. Some of the biggest names in car ads are CarQuids, Use That Space and Carvertise although there are much more out there.

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