How to make money with McDonald’s Monopoly 2018

McDonald's Monopoly 2018

You don’t need much of an incentive to visit McDonald’s, but that doesn’t stop them trying to get your attention, especially if you’re a hungry student. McDonald’s Monopoly has been going 13 years and if that sounds unlucky for some it spells good fortune for others, with a raft of prizes on offer and multiple ways of winning them. The collectible nature of the game has proved popular with students. Think of it like Pokemon Go only with saturated fat!

This year’s game started on 21st March and runs till 1st May. If you fancy winning anything from an XBox One to a free burger now is the time to head down there. Before you do, check out our guide which shows you how to boost your chances of winning

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1. Property sets

The foundations of McDonald’s Monopoly, so to speak, are in property. If you’ve never played old school Monopoly before, the idea is to go round the board buying different coloured properties. When you get a complete set of each colour you can maximize your money. In the McDonald’s version you don’t charge rent but you do get fantastic prizes thanks to their famous stickers!

The prizes are varied and can be anything from a MINI Cooper to £100,000 cash. Read the lowdown on all the prizes here. You know you’re onto a good thing if you find a ‘rare’ property sticker such as Strand (which is Red, only 500 are available) or even Mayfair (Blue and only 4 in number!). Assemble the set alongside those beauties to bag an XBox or the 100 grand.

How to win with Property Sets:

Sadly while McDonald’s has a student discount, it doesn’t help your chances, as the freebies you get won’t have stickers. Also the stickers aren’t in every McDonald’s product so it’s best to be aware of what food isn’t included in the game.

It’s advisable to “go large” for more stickers and a greater chance of winning. It certainly helps if you’re good at maths to work out the best options, and that you go to the gym to burn off those calories afterwards!

2. Online Codes

The game is slightly different this year as they’ve moved much of it online, so when you get your stickers you can store the details on the website rather than carry around lots of stickers which are easily lost.

Big money can be won with a quick visit to the site to enter your code. Prizes range from £5 to £100 so it literally pays to play!

How to win with Online Codes:

Timing is everything. Lunchtime is a million to one shot as everyone will be clamouring to hit the jackpot. Pick unusual times to play, like the middle of the night. One advantage you have as a student is you’re likely to be awake at odd hours!

3. Now TV

Just because those tons of stickers don’t add up to an XBox doesn’t mean you can’t win big. McDonald’s has teamed up with the folks at Now TV to give you some great streaming opportunities. If you have 10 spare property stickers you can trade them in for a 1 month Pass for things like Entertainment or Movies. Or should you prefer something more physical there’s a Sky Sports Pass on offer too.

How to win with Now TV:

In a sense this is the easiest option as all you have to do is keep eating! Once you’ve got your 10 spares simply enter the details online.

4. Instant Win

The quickest way to score with McDonald’s Monopoly is via Instant Win. You peel off your sticker and instantly receive a prize. It could be something as big as a 3-night European city break or as small as a portion of fries. Would you seriously complain if it was the latter? Free is free!

A whopping 50 million food prizes are on offer this year so if you need a junk food fix, Maccy D’s is your destination.

How to win with Instant Win:

Instant Win can often mean ‘Instant Bin’! You’d be surprised how often customers leave their Monopoly stickers unpeeled or they abandon a sticker because it isn’t the big prize they were looking for. Keep your eyes open for discarded packaging (though don’t risk your health in the process!) and snap up some freebies. This activity is commonly known as ‘wombling’. You can read more about that here.

Our sneaky little “recommendation” for getting extra Monopoly stickers is to pay close attention to your receipt. It’ll direct you to a customer survey scheme called Food For Thought. By filling this in online you can keep an unending sequence going from meal to meal… and the best part is that stickers come with your fries! If you don’t mind living on Macs check out the details.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide and that your waistline doesn’t suffer as a result!

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