How to Make Money Online

People think being a student means having a lot of free time. The reality is that it is hard to find time in the day to earn the money needed to make the most of student life. Luckily the Internet is here 24 hours, 7 days a week and there are plenty of ways to make money online.

    1. Sell old or unworn clothes

    We are all guilty of buying clothes we don’t need with the best of intentions of returning them but inevitably they sit in the wardrobe. To make back some of that lost investment start an account with an online marketplace and get selling. eBay is a the stalwart of this market and still gets high traffic. Check out our guide on how to be amazing at selling on eBay. But another growing site, Depop, attracts slightly more fashion forward bargain-hunters and often gets a higher return on branded and designer gear.Both charge 10% selling fees and eBay has an insertion fee but watch out for free listing days. They happen often and run on a no sale, no fee basis.

sell clothes online

    2.Sell CDs, DVDs or games

In an age that has Netfilx and Spotify, do you really need to keep that Now 65 album or your scratched copy of Road Trip? Selling old CDs, DVDs and games online is a good way to not only make some extra cash but also clear out some clutter. Sites like Music Magpie and Ziffit offering varying rates depending on condition and rarity of the item. Bonus point – postage is usually provided and free.

    3.Sell books

    Whether your copy of The Norton Anthology of English Literature remains untouched and in mint condition or is highlighted and dog-eared to within an inch of its life, it could still earn you money. Fat Brain buy new and used books just enter the ISBN number, package them up and wait for the money to be deposited in your PayPal account. It couldn’t be simpler.

sell books online

    4.Make stuff and sell it online

    Fancy yourself a dab hand with a glue gun or great at knitting? Why not put that hobby to good use and start selling your crafts, creations and knick-knacks online through Folksy? Folksy celebrate British craftsmanship and unlike Etsy don’t allow mass produced or vintage items to be sold on the site. Folksy has a real community fell, only charge 6% commission and your first three listings are free when you sign up.


There are so many jobs available nowadays that require no human contact and can be done at anytime day or night. Professions like copywriting, coding and PR are nonstop and freelancing jobs are widely available. Using global sites such as Upwork can help freelancers find jobs that suit their skill level, availability and interests, it’s a great way to harness employable talents and you get to decide how much you get paid.

6.Invest your spare change

Just because we are a generation that pays for everything on card it doesn’t mean we don’t have change. A coffee cost £3.17 or your lunch is £4.75; imagine rounding these purchases up to the nearest pound and making money on the difference. This is exactly what you can do with Money Box. Money Box invests your spare change in the stocks and shares of large companies such as Google and Disney at the level of risk you are comfortable with – cautious, balanced or adventurous. It costs just £1 a month to be a member and takes minimal effort on your part. Just download the app to check on your savings progress anywhere you like.

make money spare change

    7.Cash back on purchase

    Quidco offers cash back on purchases across 4,500 top online brands including Apple and ASOS. Its free to join up, all you do is find the brands you intend on purchasing from and use the link from the Quidco’s website to get to the retailers website before purchasing as normal. Soon after your cash back reward will appear in your PayPal account. Some banks and credit cards offer a similar system. Barclays for example has Blue Rewards for new and existing customers which works on the same principal as Quidoc but pays directly into your bank account.

    8.Online Surveys

    A quick and easy way to make a little bit of extra money online is by participating in online surveys. Surveys that take more engagement and slightly more time tend to earn you better returns. Prolific host only academic surveys that go towards worldwide research, it pays better then other survey sites and allows you to answer selection questions on your profile to make sure you are put forward for all eligible surveys.

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