How to make money in London

Make money in London

1. Get paid for your London pictures

Thousands of people write about London every day online, and they need pictures (and there are only so many stock photo ones you can use). So if you have a decent camera (a phone one will do), get snapping London landmarks, as well as the more unusual parts of London and sell them to businesses.

Sign up to online agencies such as Fotolia and 123rf, and every time someone buys one of your pictures you’ll get a royalty fee.

get paid photos in london

2) Stand in a police lineup

So we thought we’d heard all the money making tips till now - and yes, you can get paid for appearing in a police lineup. You just need to go down to your local police station and register (those that have ID parades).

You’ll be paid £10 for the first hour of your time, then £5 after that. You will have to stand in a room with a potential criminal, although we reckon you’ve unknowingly stood in a room with a criminal loads of times, without getting cash. Plus, you’re safe as houses, you know, being in a police station.

money to be in police line up

3) Become a life model

There’s nowhere else in the UK with the amount of artists, art schools and galleries than in London. That means that if you’re happy to flash your bits, schools/classes etc will pay you to sit around in the buff. Check out Gumtree (use your head and keep safe though!), for a list of people needing models.

If you’re feeling a bit self conscious that your body isn’t good enough to be immortalised in marble, don’t worry they look for all body shapes. You’re looking (if you’re hired by a school) at about £10 per hour. Be prepared to sit about for hours!

life model for extra cash

4) Scour posh second hand stores to sell on eBay

Some of the richest people in the world live in London, and they get rid of clothes like the rest of us - and donate to charity shops. If you scour charity shops in posh areas (Bayswater, Chelsea, Hampstead) and it’s not unusual to find designer gear for a fraction of its value. We’ve found Marc Jacobs shoes as well as a Kate Spade bag.

Once you’ve spotted your treasure, you can then sell on eBay and make a serious profit.

sell second hand clothes ebay

5) Rent out your spare room/back garden (especially if you live somewhere like Wimbledon)

It costs tourists a fortune to stay in London, if you can offer them a camping opportunity or have a spare room (as if!), people will bite your hand off. Take a look at AirBNB to see if people are interested in where you live as it will allow you to list your back garden for camping. It’s totally free to list your garden as a potential camping spot and can choose the amount you want to charge. You’ll pay three percent to AirBNB for a successful booking.

Now this is all well and good generally, but if you live somewhere that is incredibly popular thanks to an event such as Wimbledon or the Notting Hill carnival, you can seriously ramp up the charges. People will pay a fortune to stay close by.

make money renting in london

6) Take tourists sightseeing

Who knows more about London than someone who actually lives there eh? Sign up to Vayable and put together a cheap and cheerful tour that visitors will love. You get to set your own rates for what each tourist will pay, while showing off your knowledge of London. Don’t forget you’ll get tips too!

make money tourists london

7) Rent out your parking space

If you’re lucky enough to have a parking space in London, and don’t need it - you can make a fortune. Check out Just Park, which will let your list your parking space for free and will take a small cut from the rental fee you charge the person parking up.

BE CAREFUL: Some local councils view renting out your parking space as ‘change of use’ to your property and will expect you to pay for planning application. Find out before if you’ll need to pay up before getting yourself in trouble.

rent parking space for money

8) Become a pedicab driver

You’re going to need a bit of cash and some serious thigh muscles to get going, but once you’re set up the sky's the limit with what you can earn. You need to get training (Bugbugs) and you’ll then get a National Cycling Certificate at the end. It costs £50, with a £100 deposit while you’re registered with them. There’s also a £5 charge per day to work them, which means you do get to keep all the money you make.

pedicab driver - make money

9) Rent out your stuff

Got stuff you don’t use but don’t want to sell? We’re talking games consoles, board games, clothes, boats, anything! Then check out Daylui where you can rent out your items for the day. This is particularly good for London tourists, because they may not want to carry their fancy camera, or fancy getting around on your bike.

rent your stuff for extra cash

10) Dog walking

Londoners love their pets, but are also generally incredibly busy. So if you love animals and walking - put the two together and make some cash! If you plan to sign up to an agency, you’ll have to go through some security checks. You’ll make between £10 - £15 an hour.

This is the ideal job for student as you’ll need to be flexible, working weekdays and weekends. Check out Bone Rangers - London’s number one dog walking agency and Happy Dogs. If you don’t want to sign up to an agency, there’s of course Gumtree.

dog walking for money

11) Become a TV extra

If there’s filming happening in the UK, the odds are it will be in London. And shows are always looking for extras. This is a chance to not only earn a few quid when you’re not at university, but also potentially get a rich celebrity to fall in love with you. Imagine marrying Leo - you’d never have to work again!

Again, it doesn’t matter what you look like, you’ll probably fit in somewhere (even if it’s just Eastenders chav). Check out London Extra Agency or UK Screen. You’ll make about £80 a day, so it’s pretty good for student (you’ll probably get food too).

become a tv extra

12) Flyering

There are a billion* companies promoting things from cat food to comedy nights that need people to distribute flyers. The pay can be pretty decent (about £15 an hour), but you are subject to the lovely London weather. Check out Impact or Gumtree.

*made up number

Not in London? Don’t you worry we have an 100 ways you can make money guide, even if you live in the middle of no-where. You’ll be flush in no-time.

flyering for money

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