How to Make Money from Vintage Clothing

money making idea vintage clothing

While cheap, affordable and stylish clothes can be found everywhere these days, there are still some things the modern age can’t replace: Vintage clothing is one.

Fashion from another era is always in demand, and selling it can bring big financial rewards.

However, it isn’t just a case of going to the local charity shop for a rummage.

In addition to where to look for it, you need to know what to look for, and where to sell it in the first place. Our handy guide gives you the low down on vintage.

Follow our simple steps and you’ll be making money from vintage clothing. If there was ever a way of doing things in style, this is surely it…

5. Some pointers

Vintage attire doesn’t grow on trees. So knowing where to find it is obviously very important! We’ve mentioned charity shops, but there are other places.

Have you thought about this? Your own home. Unless you’re ultra-modern, chances are you have some old, yet desirable, clothing squirreled away somewhere.

sell vintage clothing

Wardrobes can often be full of abandoned outfits, so why not take a trip down memory lane and explore? You may not like what you find, but it could still be vintage gold.

Clothes swapping parties are also popular for this kind of thing, an activity that can be done with friends or like-minded people. Read more about how these work here.

If you have a vintage clothing store in the vicinity then don’t be intimidated… walk right in and see if they have any sartorial bargains on offer.

4. Sort out the right clothes

Just because something is old, that doesn’t make it ripe for sale. Like any kind of fashion, vintage has its hots and nots. Here are some things to watch out for.

Condition is key. You’re on the lookout for good quality items. Having said that, don’t get hung up (so to speak) on replaceable things such as missing buttons.

make money vintage clothing

Wool and cotton are sought-after materials, because they generally stand the test of time. Artificial fabric is more likely to have picked up dirt and is reportedly tough to maintain.

3. How to shop vintage

how to shop vintage

Finding quality vintage clothes takes a keen eye, experience and, above all, perseverance. Appropriately for something from the past, it can be slower and takes time.

Rummage, rummage, rummage.

Get stuck in! Have a proper hunt through that forgotten fabric. Don’t be self-conscious about this, the staff are probably used to it.

As said before, charity shops are a great starting point for any budding vintage seller. They can be found on virtually any high street, and are usually pretty organised.

2. Keep costs down

The easiest thing in the world with vintage clothing is to rack up costs, as this thing and that thing catches your eye. Before you know it, you’ve blown your budget and beyond!

Here’s the thing. To make money selling vintage, you have to be business like. It may seem like a hobby, but to make it pay you should get your financial head screwed on.

selling clothes business

The sweet spot with regards vintage is buying something for a few quid and selling it on for several times that cost. This is great but don’t rely on these occasional big scores.

As you gain experience, you’ll naturally earn more. For beginners a sum of between £20 - 30 is recommended, should your purse or wallet stretch that far.

1. Where to sell

how to sell online

The quickest and simplest way of doing business with vintage is online. You may already be aware of some decent sites, but here’s a run down.

Great news. You have a fair number of options to choose from. While eBay is a good place for selling things of all kinds, it does have drawbacks, such as scammers.

It’s recommended that with eBay you create detailed listings for your items, to avoid confusion. As you can imagine, collectors are very fussy about detail!

ASOS Marketplace is seen as one of your best options, as it’s business is geared towards the vintage market. Etsy is also a much-used and well-regarded site.

Social media can also be very useful. And if you’re feeling sociable, there’s nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned jumble sale to track down those vintage goodies.