How to keep your dating game as active during the uni holidays as it is on campus

The festive period can be a pretty rough time to be single.

All of your coupled up friends are posting Christmassy PDA instagrams of them at winter wonderland while you're left at home wondering when cuffing season is going to live up to its name.

Eternal singledom seems even more likely when you return home for Christmas, leaving behind the large sea of fellow single students to your lowly hometown where you most likely already know everyone, and definitely don't want to date them...(or already have).

With that in mind, here are some surefire and easy tips on how to keep your dating game as active during the uni holidays as it is on campus.

So stop filling out that First Dates application, and take a read.

1. Your phone is your most valuable wingman

When returning home from uni, it’s likely that your only night out is at the grimy club you frequented underage. The chances of you finding someone (new) in there? Limited.

In the end, your phone is the most valuable wingman. All you need to do when you're lying in bed hungover from your recent pub trip is sign up to Badoo, upload some classy pics and a snappy bio, and a sea of people are suddenly at your fingertips.

Gone are the days of meeting someone at a bar, thinking they're cool, only to find out they're a committed train spotter with 50 cats.

2. Create a snazzy dating profile

Dating can sometimes be like applying for a job: you have mere seconds to catch a suitor's attention.

And as you'll be relying primarily on online dating platforms, you need to stand out from the sea of other singles. If in doubt, go for the humour route. And if you’re not funny… well, pretend to be for as long as can.

3. Increase your distance range

Chances are you know or have dated a vast number of people in your surrounding area, so probably don't want any awkward run ins.

So why not cast your net a little further by extending your search radius? This way you avoid matching with your school ex or your brother's best friend, removing any potential for soul crippling awkwardness.

On Badoo, you can actually change the location you search in entirely… So if you fancy dating a Parisian, now’s your chance.

4. Go the extra mile

When it comes to dating during the holidays, going the extra mile is a must: both in terms of effort made, and literal distance.

Dating at home isn't quite like dating at uni: it's a little less hook up, a little more sophisticated. So why not join your PDA friends and take someone on a festive first date to make a romantic first impression?

And if you're living at home, it's not like you're going to bring a first date back for a quick shag and then to meet the parents after.

With nosey, prudish or just downright embarrassing parents at home, it's best for everyone involved to go that extra mile.

5. Exploit common ground

Dating apps are the perfect way to exploit tenuous common ground with someone from home you super fancy, but have never had the courage to ask out.

That bartender you fancy at the pub? Your best friend’s sibling? Chances are they're probably on Badoo, too.

And whilst you might be too scared to ask them out face to face, you can use a bit of virtual dating app courage to speak to them casually before jumping straight into requesting a date.

So there you have it. 5 simple to follow, and definitely fool proof ways to keep your dating game sharp AF during the holidays.

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