How to get free McDonald's

McDonald's Monopoly

Online wombling communities have uncovered to get 100% free McDonald’s food from other people’s rubbish.

Until Tue 26 Apr McDonald's is running its annual Monopoly promotion, when there are stickers giving you a chance to win free food, cash and even cars attached to all cardboard wrappers for chips, burgers and nuggets, as well as drinks.

Of course you'll be able to get some stickers by buying food, but you'd be surprised at how many people don't check the packaging for stickers, which means there's a chance to snatch a freebie from other people's rubbish.

This year it's even better than usual because all of the 'free food' stickers give you a choice of what you can get, e.g a portion of fries or a McFlurry.

We've seen people loading up with £20 worth of food for just a few minutes of looking for discarded packaging!

The best times to go and collect rubbish to look for stickers is just after busy meal times, so try going in at 2pm or 8pm to see what’s been left behind. The packaging for large menu items have more stickers, so they’re the best ones to look for.

Apparently there’s a 1 in 4 chance of instantly winning a prize, so it shouldn’t take too long to start finding freebies!

An extra tip shared with us on Facebook is that you can ask for a cup of tap water and it’ll come in a cup with Monopoly stickers, for a few extra chances to win!

Prize collection

Apart from instantly winning food from Monopoly stickers, you can also be in with a chance of winning bigger prizes if you can complete ‘sets’ i.e, all three pink properties. You can join Facebook groups where people swap stickers, but be aware that there are only a few Monopoly properties that are really rare, and if you have any of these you should keep hold of them.

Rare stickers

BROWN SET – OLD KENT ROAD – Medium extra value meal – 1,000,000 available

LIGHT BLUE – EUSTON ROAD – £30 Boohoo Voucher – 7,500 available

PINK – NORTHUMBERLAND AVENUE – Headphones – 1,500 available

ORANGE – MARLBOROUGH STREET – £250 Red Letter Days experience – 800 available

RED – THE STRAND – Sony TV/Speaker – 400 available

YELLOW – COVENTRY STREET – Holiday (New Zealand/Thailand/California) – 250 available

GREEN – BOND STREET – Mini – 15 available

DARK BLUE – MAYFAIR – £100,000 4 available

STATIONS – LIVERPOOL STREET – £500 to spend at – 250 available

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