How to fix smashed powder makeup

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Have you ever dropped your pressed powder and had it smash into a million tiny pieces? Whatever you do, DON'T throw it away, there's a cheap and easy way to fix any pressed powder and make it (almost) as good as new.

You'll need:

  • A broken eyeshadow, blusher or pressed powder.
  • A sandwich bag or cling film
  • A knife or spoon
  • Isopropyl/rubbing alcohol (surgical spirit will also work, but it might smell funny or dry slower). Whatever you do, don't try and use white spirit or vodka.

Firstly, gather up any spilled powder and put it back in the compact.

Put your compact along with all the dust into a sandwich bag, or under a piece of cling film.

Use the wrong end of your knife or spoon to crush up all of the powder into a fine dust, (this is why you need to put it in a plastic bag, as it can get really messy).

Pour enough rubbing alcohol to make a thick paste to your compact, for this small eyeshadow we used around half a capful.

Use your knife or spoon to push the paste across the whole pan, leaving no gaps. If you haven't got enough powder to do this press it into one or two corners and leave half of it empty. Try and flatten it out as much as possible for a neat finish.

Leave it somewhere to dry for at least four hours, you'll know when it's done because it'll be back to it's original colour once the alcohol has evaporated.

All done!

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