How much would you pay for this giant Hula Hoop crisp?

Extra large Hula Hoop

Got a spare £80 lying around? Yeah, not us either. But imagine if you had loads of money. You could buy a Rolls Royce, a mansions, but most importantly, an authentic extra large Hula Hoop Crisp.

Yep, someone is selling the crisp as a buy it now price of £80 although you can make an offer. The best bit about it is delivery free and it “Hasn’t been eaten or anything, I just found it in my packet”. We do love a bargain.

The advert says:

‘Here I have for sale an Extra Large Hula Hoop from a packet of salted Hula Hoops. I found this bad boy inside and thought I would pop it on here to see if anyone want it for their collection. It does look broken on one part but sadly that was how it was in the packet but inside is another very thin part so maybe it was just down to how it was made but as you can see it bigger than a AA size battery and I can assure you it’s much tastier ;) (not that I would eat it now). Why not grab yourself one of these random oddities that only pop up once in a while.’

Yes, why not?

Questions we have:

  • When did everyone start collecting crisps?
  • How are you going to post this? It’s a delicate crisp?
  • Why would you buy ready salted Hula Hoops when salt and vinegar ones exist?
  • How do you know what an AA battery tastes like
  • Any why wouldn’t you eat it now?

However, the seller will be donating 10% of the final price to Crisis, to help homeless in Bangladesh who don’t have any shelter or food.

Sure, £80 sounds pricey, but the world’s largest Hula Hoop sold in 2014 for a massive £712, so really - this is pretty much free, if you’re into big crisps.

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