How many people drop out of your uni?

New figures have been released by the Higher Education Statistics Agency have shown how many people drop out from your uni. The figures have shown that there's a much lower dropout rate from universities higher up in the league table, with Oxford and Cambridge having the lowest dropout rate of all the UK universities.

At the top of the table London Metropolitan University has a surprisingly high figure of 18% (almost one in five) - a full 8% higher than UCLan who were next in the table with a 10% dropout rate.

Reasons for the dropouts weren't investigated by the study, though our own investigation earlier this year found that 41% of students were considering dropping out because of money concerns. With extremely high living costs in the capital, this could help explain why universities in the capital featured so highly in the dropout league table.

The full table of statistics released by the Higher Education Statistics Agency is below, showing the percentage of people who have dropped out of your university this year.