How affordable is the city you are studying in?

The affordability of the city you are studying in is a big deal for students. Will it be £1 or £4 for your pint? Can you afford to live in uni accommodation, or will you have to live miles away from your uni?

Natwest has just created a Student Living Index and has found that the most affordable city for students is Portsmouth, followed closely by Liverpool and Newcastle. Students in all three cities have the highest term-time income helping to make them some of the most cost efficient places to study in the UK.

The NatWest Student Living Index surveyed 2,500 students across the UK to determine the most affordable place to study. The survey takes into account a range of factors, from how much students spend on going out to how much they spend studying.

Portsmouth students pay slightly more rent than the UK average but are topping up their term-time income by working around 25% more hours in part-time jobs. However they still have time to socialise, coming in at number three as the most sociable place to study.

And the most expensive...

Edinburgh was found to be the most expensive city for studying with above average rent costs playing a major factor, combined with significantly lower than average term-time income. Despite this, Edinburgh students spend the most on going out and above the weekly average on alcohol.

The majority of student's income comes from student loans, which on average are £161.14 per week, four times higher than any other source, including part time work. After loans... it's begging your parents for cash.