Housemates invent drinking game to help cope with depressing UK news

A Yorkshireman and his housemates have created a drinking game to make the UK news less depressing.

Yorkshireman and Reddit user Mr Random created a ten rule drinking game after the news became "so painful to watch my housemates and I [had to make] a drinking game to help cope."

Be warned, if you actually play the game "this may result in being drunk by the end of look north and dead by the end of Newsnight."

Rule 10

Take a drink every time the word Brexit is used. Bonus drink if it is used as a verb. Bonus drink if it is being shoehorned into an unrelated story.

Rule 9

Take a drink every time ISIS is mentioned. Bonus drink if it is called "so called Islamic State"

Rule 8

Take a drink every time the word recession is used. Twice if its a double dip, three times for a triple dip.

Rule 7 - Don't leave me baby!

Take a drink every time Scottish, Irish or Welsh independence is mentioned.

Rule 6 - Corbyn Sad

Corbyn looks like he is one more insult from breaking down and crying :( drink to help dull the pain of his existence.

Rule 5 - Theresa May is talking again.

Drink until she shuts the fuck up. Caution may take 6-10 years

Rule 4 - A wild Boris Johnson appears!

Players do their best Boris impression of him lying about the EU or insulting a foreign delegate. Player with the worst impression drinks.

Rule 3 - Ordinary British Bloke!

Whenever Nigel Farage is shown drinking a pint shout Ordinary British Bloke! And then down your pint with him. Last player to finish is an illegal migrant and gets deported.

Rule 2 - Jolly good show!

Whenever a group of MP's is shown doing the clap-laugh-thing you need to clap-laugh with them in your best posh twat impression. Whoever has the worst impression is a pleb and has to drink.

Rule 1 - Build The Wall!

Whenever Trump is on screen players are charged with building a wall. Player with the worst wall has to drink.

Be warned, this game is dangerous. As one redditor put it:

"Well it won't make the news any better, but at least I'll be dead."

Another merely said:

"My house has now ran out of booze. Thanks, jerk."

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