Househunting hell in London (and how to avoid it)

Househunting in London is a hellish experience. You spend way too much time being shown round way too small rooms and end up paying way too much money for a box in a smoggy city.

If you haven't been through it yet, here is what to expect (and how to avoid it). If you have already been through it, enjoy the fond memories.

Stage one: Checking Craigslist and/or Gumtree

looking for roomate.jpg

At least this guy's up-front about it.

Stage two: Spending hours looking through terrible pictures of terrible properties

terrible houses london

bad bathroom london

More of these genuine property photos on

Stage three: Viewing the property and realising it's not quite as good as the photos

funny properties london

Ever get the feeling what your lounge is missing is a toilet and a mirror?

Stage four: Finding out it's been sold already, but the estate agent has other "new" properties in the area

house hunting hell

The occupants of which weren't aware they were being kicked out of.

Stage five: Viewing places much worse than you ever imagined

bad properties in london

Can't quite place my finger on it, but this place has a "crack den" vibe...

Stage 6: Getting desperate and offering an extortionate amount of money for a property only a contortionist would describe as "spacious"

small london flats

"I'll give you £400 a week and my first-born son for your human storage pod".

Stage 7: Decorating to match the decor

horrible flats london

Anything approaching a sofa would look out of place here...

Stage 8: Discovering your housemates are creepy

creepy housemates

Like this guy, posing in my bed with his girlfriend whilst I'm chilling in my penguin costume.

But realising you aren't going to find anywhere better...

Stage 10: Learning to love the box you've been sold

london boxes

Ok you're paying £400 a week to live in a tiny box, but in time you'll call it home.

How to avoid the hell (and get a free iPad Mini):

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Living with other London students (so no hassle of finding housemates who won't mind you coming home at 4am on a Tuesday morning) and the rooms / communal kitchens actually make us want to go back to university to study...

We could have sworn halls weren't this nice when we lived in them... maybe it was us?

On top of that, all bills are included in the rent, meaning you won't have to worry about paying bills for the entirety of your stay.

To sweeten the deal, if you book a 51 week let you'll get a free iPad Mini as a welcome gift when you move in.

More importantly, you'll avoid the London househunting hell.

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