Horrific Airbnb guest causes £13,000 of damage

The world's worst Airbnb guest has undoubtedly been revealed as a host has revealed photos of the £13,000 worth of damage their guest caused.

Like most Airbnb hosts, Laurie Synakowski didn't expect much trouble when she rented out her quaint Paris apartment for three weeks this summer. Needing a bit of extra cash, she popped photos of her charming apartment on the app, only to come back to find her apartment completely destroyed, needing over £13,000 worth of cleaning services and repairs.

It materialised that the person she rented the flat to had exploited it by turning it into a 'vulgar squat.' Synakowski came back to find the flat covered in urine, faeces, decaying floorboards, insects and more.

Credit: Viral Thread

When she accepted the Canadian man's request to stay in her apartment, she said there were no alarm bells whatsoever on his profile:

“The profile of the individual did not show any suspicion,” she wrote, adding how he even had “a positive comment from a previous host”.

Credit: Viral Thread

Synakowski immediately called in maintenance, who estimated the damages at around £13,000, including needing new floors, a new loo, deep cleaning and more. Luckily Airbnb's ‘Host Guarantee’ reimburses damages of up to £600,000 (depending on eligibility).

Credit: Viral Thread

However, Airbnb have yet to inspect her flat, leaving her in a fairly dire situation as the apartment in her main home.

Fingers crossed she gets some pretty serious help soon, but we doubt she'll be renting her apartment out again any time soon.