34 hilarious trolls from the "most influential" troll on the internet

Ken M has been named the 17th most influential person on the internet in Time Magazine, all thanks to his trolling.

Here are some of his best trolls.

34) Chunky cheese

33) Fire safety troll

32) Lottery troll #1

31) We are all made of stars' brain cells

30) Baby chow

29) An andother classic

28) Watch your back around verbally telepathic quadruplets

27) Scientists making bone assumptions

26) All it takes is a little courage...

25) Ancient map

24) But what about spinach?

23) Potato-sized planet found in space

22) Please send sausage, Jimmy Dean Sausage

21) My pastor says...

20) Science proves the bible, once again

19) The moon is REAL. When will you people LISTEN??

18) Personally I don't like the shell

17) Lets call Neil Armstrong what he is; a good for nothing litterbug

16) Free gluten

15) Einstein's theory

14) 1300 years later, we're still obsessed with dinosaurs

13) One day, scientists predict they will be grape-sized

12) Lucky kid

11) Hitler took the "easy path"

10) We shouldn't be worried about dog people or cat people. They're not the real threat.

9) Grandson does yoda

8) NASA are idiots

7) Let them drink juice

6) Improvements to the lottery

5) No refunds

4) Thanks, Obama

3) 50 gas jugs

2) The terrifying truth

1) The true meaning of Easter

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