Hero student praised for smashing her classmate's pottery project

A student has been widely praised and branded a 'hero' for a simple act of smashing her classmate's pottery project.

Brigitte Yasamin, a student in high school, was in her pottery class when she looked around and saw that the "bitch" next to her was making a confederate flag themed pot.

Rather than sit there watching the girl finish her pot, Brigitte decided to take action, going into full-on Hulk Smash mode.

Her teacher, obliged to investigate, later questioned Brigitte about the smashing. But she wasn't too bothered.

Brigitte is actually looking forward to being questioned by the principle.

Brigitte has been widely praised for smashing her classmate's project and then not apologising, with many people calling her a hero.

Although some people were annoyed that she had destroyed the other girl's racist property.

And most people think Brigitte did the right thing.