Hero refuses to grass on self-checkout machine that paid HIM

Tesco self service

Usually we'll do anything to avoid the nightmare of Tesco's self checkouts, but for one 17 year old, choosing to forgo human contact at the supermarket resulted in him being able to walk off having "paid" for his Jaffa Cakes AND a bonus of 41p more than he came in with.

Like any 17 year old would, Josh took to Twitter to share his lucky break with his followers:

Of course, Tesco wanted to know which machine in which shop had made this error and replied with:

And duh, Josh loved those cheeky free Jaffas

But Dafydd from the Tesco social media team wasn't giving up without a fight -

But everyone knows, snitches get stitches - even when a machine was the perpetrator:

There aren't many clues as to the location of the jackpot self service machine, if you were planning on hunting it out yourself, but Josh's Twitter bio says he lives in Bristol, so who knows?

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