Here's why we've changed our name to student mney sver

You may have noticed we changed our name to Student Mney Sver. Apart from being a brilliant name, there's a good reason why we're doing it. And companies like Micrsft and Tesc are doing it too. Or should we say "t".

It's all to raise awareness for donating blood, by the NHS. Shockingly, they say that there are 40% fewer new blood donors now than there were a decade ago.

By removing the letters A, B and O (corresponding to blood-types) from company logos, they are hoping to highlight the blood types (all of them) that they need more of.

250,000 donors

The blood donor campaign, which a lot of companies are participating in, is going well and hope that they'll sign up an extra 250,000 donors because of it.

That's a lot of lives saved.

So we thought we'd join the campaign too, and have temporarily removed the Os and As from our name, in the hope that people will see this and consider giving blood.

You can search for your nearby donation centres here.

On a personal note, here's my own story of receiving blood

I'm only alive because eight random strangers, who I'll never meet, decided to donate their blood.

Whether you were doing it for the obvious reason (that you wanted to save another human being's life), because you had too much time on your hands and a bit of spare blood, or just for the delicious array of biscuits they give you at the end I'll be forever thankful to you for it.

Three years ago, I was rushed to hospital with a whole load of internal organ problems. I was in intensive care, and things didn't look good. It was fun times. I won't go into details as they're gross, but eventually my blood count was so low I needed transfusions. A lot of them.

I was terrified, sat there watching a strangers blood making its way down the tube. I'd given blood quite a few times, but it's weird and scary watching it go back in.

I posted stuff like this to Facebook to hide the fear...

...I was on a LOT of morphine.

But the doctors were amazing, the nurses were incredible and together with eight random strangers, they kept me alive.

As scary as it was to receive someone's blood, the alternative - there not being enough blood for me - was far more terrifying.

If you gave blood around June 2013, special thanks to you. It was top-notch blood, and really did the trick.

Please donate. The person who gets your blood will love you for the rest of their (long) lives.