Here's why everyone is suddenly wearing safety pins

If you take a look around on public transport at the moment, you might see someone sat next to you with a safety pin on their clothes. Perfectly in-tact clothes, that don't need a safety pin.

The reason for this is both sweet and depressing at the same time.


Ever since the EU referendum last week, there has been a 57% increase in reports of hate crimes against ethnic minorities.

As a reaction, people are wearing safety pins as a way of showing solidarity with immigrants and EU citizens in the UK.

The idea is that if you wear a pin on public transport, or on the streets, it will let anyone who sees it know that you are a nice, tolerant human being. The kind of person you want to sit next to on a bus.

The sweet idea has taken off around the UK. It's just a shame that it had to come to this.

The idea came to Twitter user Cheeahs.

Since then, the idea has really taken off, and thousands of people are tweeting that they'll be wearing safety pins in solidarity with immigrants.

If you want even more of a reason to put a pin on yourself, everybody seems to love the idea except Piers Morgan.

So if you won't do it to show solidarity, do it to #pissoffpiers.

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