Which is the household chore that Brits hate the most? The answer may surprise you...

Houswork sucks. Whether it's your mum asking you to do the dishwasher or you and your housemates desperately attempting to clean the kitchen before one of your parents shows up, it's never fun.

Except changing the duvet cover. Everybody loves changing the duvet cover, and pretending to be a spooky ghost.

But which are the most hated chores in Britain? The answer may surprise you.

Yougov surveyed the UK and found out the chores we all hate. And, right at the top of the list is ironing, even though it's one of the only chores you can do whilst watching the TV.

Weirdly, people also really hated taking the bins out, even though it only takes a few seconds. Most bizarre of all is that a lot of people like tidying and organising stuff: A task that involves tidying and organising stuff.

Unsurprisingly, cooking was top of the poll, because it involves eating.

One of the most hated tasks is obviously cleaning the entire house (44% hated it), and people dislike it even more than the biggest bastard of them all, vacuuming (29%). Dogs were not polled.