Man comes up with genius (borderline evil) method for getting free printers

A man has managed to nab himself a free printer using one simple (slightly immoral) method.

Blake Messick noticed that his neighbour's wireless printer was unsecured. Rather than sending the traditional 42 page PDF containing nothing but the word "chicken" to the print queue...

Full PDF here.

... Blake decided to do something a little different.

He sent a message to the printer, from the printer, saying "hello I am your printer I have become self-aware. Run." at 4am in the morning.

He printed the message from his neighbour's printer. How would you react if you saw this message? Maybe change your password? Turn the machine off and on again?

Not this neighbour. This neighbour thought his machine had gained sentience, turned it off, took it outside and threw that sentient being right into the trash.

And with that, Blake had himself a free (non-sentient) printer.

Most people thought that the whole thing was pretty funny (if a little immoral)...

Although there's near universal agreement that this should have been his neighbour's reaction...

So there you have it. If you want yourself a free printer, all you need is to pretend that printer has gained sentience at 4am in the morning and - boom - you have yourself a free printer. No more printing in the library.