Here's a big list of things the British people want brought back after Brexit

It's Brexit Day. Whether you like the thought or not, in two years we will be out of the European Union, and not bound by such annoying things as having European rights.

But what do the British people actually want to happen after Brexit? YouGov have asked the population what they want brought back after Brexit.

Remainers, you might want to brace yourselves.

Perhaps the most shocking result is at the top. A whopping 53% of leave voters want the death penalty to be brought back, vs 20% of remain voters.

Under European rules, you cannot be a member of the EU if you have the death penalty. Because, you know, human rights and all that.

42% of leave voters also say they want to bring back corporal punishment in schools. "Finally, we are leaving the European Union and we'll be free to let schoolteachers physically assault our children if they forget their homework" the Brexiters cry, probably.

Alarmingly, almost 10% of people want to bring back NON DECIMAL CURRENCY. Apparently it's too convenient to have currency that adds up to 100.

52% of leave voters also feel that it's important to have a blue passport, compared to 16% of remain voters, who clearly don't consider a passport a fashion accessory.

People are reacting pretty angrily to the poll by YouGov.

And adding other things they want brought back to the list...

People have also been quick to point out that a lot of these aren't things banned by the EU.

But then again...