Here are the 72 new emojis coming to your phone and Facebook

The Unicode Consortium, the organisation that co-ordinates the standard emoji sets for phones and computers, has approved 72 new emojis.

Finally you won't have to manually type out "Rolling On The Floor Laughing", "Face With Cowboy Hat", "Phone Fingers", "Man with Penis instead of Nose", "Green Face" "Red Guy Wrestling Blue Guy" or "Shopping Trolley".

The new set of emojis also include Mother Christmas, wife of Father Christmas, as well as a new gun emoji you can use to threaten anyone with if they send you a "Woman shrugging saying what the f*ck" emoji.

The emojis were approved earlier this week, and will be made available from June 21st 2016.

Rejected emojis, designed by Avery Monsen include a "Man Explaining Blogging to a Horse" and "Clown Losing Custody of His Children".

They're far better, and much more applicable to life.

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