HBO accidentally airs Game of Thrones episode 6 in huge blunder

HBO Spain have accidentally aired Game of Thrones episode 6 in a huge blunder.

Game of Thrones is one of the most anticipated and highly secretive series out there. Often threatened by the possibility of hackers leaking scenes or scripts, HBO run a tight ship to ensure spoilers don't leak.

But why worry about hackers when you can literally leak the episode yourself.

In a horrific mistake, HBO Spain released episode 6 of the series 6 days early, with it still being available to on-demand Spanish subscribers for up to an hour before being deleted.

As a result, clips from the scene have been leaked to Reddit, Instagram, Youtube and other streaming sites, meaning that the internet is HOT BED for spoilers.

The episode is now even available on torrenting websites, being uploaded at such a speed that HBO are struggling to take them down.

Credit: The Independent

The blunder is all the more embarrassing considering the monumental significance of this being the penultimate episode and thus one of the most highly anticipated in the series.

HBO have yet to comment on the mistake, but we imagine they're probably pretty preoccupied with trying to remove torrenting files off the web. Looks like winter might have come early for HBO, too.