13 horrifying and hilarious Halloween pranks (that scared the crap out of people)

There's a fine line between a good Halloween prank and a heinous October 31st crime. Here are some great pranks, a few that backfired some which are genuinely terrifying, and what you'll need to perform your own.

13) Teacher waves a chainsaw at student, breaks students leg

A teacher in Massachusetts decided it would be a good idea to dress up in a mask, wave around a chainsaw, knock on the classroom door and wait for a student to answer it, almost exactly mimicking this moment in the Simpsons:

chainsaw student prank

The result? The kid who answered the door ran away, broke his leg and sued for £80,000.

What's great about this one: This clearly wasn't a whim. The teacher had plenty of time to change their mind in the lengthy time it must take to purchase a chainsaw, and still went through with the whole thing despite it being an obviously stupid idea.

What you'll need: A chainsaw, a psychopathic temperament and around £80,000.

12) Man jumps out of bin, gets punched in face

man jumps out of bin

Requirements: A bin, a mask, a top hat and a willingness to be punched in the teeth.

11) Zombie doctor causes panic

zombie doctor causes panic

Cure this, zombie House.

Harvard medical physician Dr Steven Schlozman went on "Cost to Coast" radio in America and warned everyone about the impending zombie apocalypse.

He told listeners a zombie virus had been created by hedge-fund managers to try and crash the stock market. Despite all this obviously being fiction, and being read out in between adverts for lawn fertilizers and car insurance, a large number of listeners believed it and and bombarded the doctor with requests for a vaccine.

This isn't the only mass panic caused by radio sci-fi. In 1938 Orson Welles broadcast an adaption of War of the Worlds (an alien invasion story) as though it were news bullitens. People panicked and complained in equal measure.

Requirements: broadcasting equipment and a paranoid audience.

9) The classic "clown with bloody sledgehammer" prank

Requirements: A fake body, a clown costume, a sledgehammer and feelings of hatred for the general public...

classic clown prank

These guys have been dressing up as a killer clown and scaring the crap out of people in car parks. It's unclear whether this was meant as a prank or whether they're just fiercely in favour of public transport.

They've also been kicking fake severed heads and chasing people with fake chainsaws:

The problem with this prank is it's hard to distinguish between clowns chasing people with chainsaws as a prank and clowns chasing people with chainsaws 'as a prank', as both involve the act of a clown chasing a person with a chainsaw...

On another note, there have been a spate of people dressing as terrifying clowns and standing around staring at people for little or no reason. This guy below turned out to be a Northampton student:

Sleep tight.

8) Man runs away from suitcase

man runs from suitcase

What you'll need: A suitcase you don't mind being disposed of by a bomb squad.

7) Man sent scary video, punches his monitor in the face:

man punches monitor

Requirements: Two monitors, one crappy friend.

6) Man sent scary video hits guy with lamp, jumps out of window

Requirements: A mask, a computer, double glazing.

Full video on Youtube here.

5) If I only had a... braaiins...

brains prank

For full prank see his youtube video, though you get the gist.

Requirements: Fairly simple. Dress up as something horrible, then hide inside something fun and find some children to scare. Like a kinder egg toy that makes you soil yourself.

4) Only creepy things happen in lifts

There are a bizarre amount of pranks that take place in a lift. There's creepy girl in lift:

lift prank

And zombie in coffin in lift:

It's one you should only watch if you feel you haven't seen enough videos of crying people wetting themselves with fear today, but are too shy to google it.

Requirements: A lift, a scary child or a coffin, and towelling.

3) Man dressed as chair

man dressed as chair

Requirements: A chair, upholstery skills and the legal right to be allowed within ten feet of the intended victim.

2) Wash basket crotch smash

A cheaper one to try on a housemate:

washing basket prank

Requirements: A bottle, some string, a washing basket and assurance from your friend that he never wants children.

1) Horrifying bathroom prank

To be fair to this last one, they at least set it in a place where it's not that inconvenient if you soil yourself:

Requirements: A suitcase that moves itself somehow, a woman dressed up as some kind of monster and a callous disregard for public bathroom safety regulations.

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