Half of all UK workers forced to work for free from now until the end of the year

If you're a woman in work, yesterday was the last day you got paid for the work you've done in the entire of 2016.

Today is Equal Pay Day. Due to the difference in pay between men and women, from today onwards if you are a woman that means you are effectively working for free for the rest of the year.

Currently the pay gap is still huge, even though it's a thing that isn't often talked about. But today is the day that everyone is talking about it, using the hashtag #EqualPayDay.

Some are looking to have the rest of the year off. After all, they aren't getting paid for it.

And expressing their outrage at the current situation.

The equal pay act was made almost 50 years ago, but women are still not paid as much as men.

Which is why people are protesting on Twitter and in the workplace today.

Half of all workers are working for free from now until the end of the year

Even leaving early.

Because it's absurd that in 2016, this is still the situation we're in.

Corbyn plans to clear this mess up...

(No word yet from Theresa May).

But until it's sorted (and unfortunately, some say it might take 170 years)

Today is the day to protest, and it's time to take the rest of the year off.