Guy tweets '100 retweets ima kill the president', joke backfires spectacularly

A man with a "dog wearing shades" profile picture sent a tweet saying he'd kill the President if he got retweeted more than 100 times.

In less time than it would take to get a pizza delivered, the police showed up at his house and arrested him.

The tweet

Cliff, who going by his profile picture is a dog wearing some shades, sent out this tweet:

He more than got the retweets he required to kill the President. The police, clearly thinking that this is something Lee Harvey Oswald would have done if Twitter was a thing in the 60s, showed up at Cliff's house less than half an hour later.

It wasn't the grammar police either. It was the actual police, having been sent by an anti-terror unit.

His account has now been suspended by Twitter, probably for violating their terms of use of "don't threaten to kill the president without at least @POTUSing the President to give him fair warning".

The final, somewhat ominous tweet he sent out before he was arrested announced his "dead ass" was going to jail.

Modern day hero

People took to twitter (in now deleted tweets) to praise Cliff for the joke that backfired spectacularly.

In a world where most people are too scared to call anything "the bomb" anymore, for fear of setting off an NSA alert, Cliff took the trouble to threaten the President of the United States of America (in an obviously joking manner) and has now paid the price for it. And the internet loved him for it. Let's just hope everyone in jail has twitter.