Guy tries to help screaming woman trapped in boot, finds something far worse 😂🙈

A man who tried to help a woman trapped in a car-boot ended up getting a nasty surprise.

If you come across a car, and the boot is rattling and your mind immediately flashes to every single mafia film ever made. Which is why most people would flee, or try to placate a nearby mobster, grabbing any passing stranger and telling them "I didn't see anything" and sobbing until they take pity on you.

Not so for writer Joe Craig. He was on a walk with his massive dog when he heard screams coming from a car boot, and decided to go to investigate, only to end up looking like the creepy part of this situation. He shared his story on Twitter.

Fair assumption, we're with you.

Yep, still with you. You should flee, or placate a nearby mafia boss.

Oh Jesus.

But what if...

Right, getting the picture here. He thought it was a "Reservoir Dog" type of situation. Turns out it was a "if this caravan's a-rocking, don't come a-knocking" type of situation.

"No parking."

To be clear, this is a massive dog that piled in to the (now literal) dogging session.

The couple have not yet tweeted their own version of events, in which a pervert bust into their boot and commanded his dog to get in on the action.