Guy tries to comfort girlfriend after her dog dies, massively f*cks up

After his girlfriend's dog died, a man tried to comfort his girlfriend with a comforting "dog death" comic strip. Unfortunately, before he hit send he selected the wrong meme and accidentally told her to "get f*cked".

Reddit user Micolash just wanted to comfort his girlfriend after her old-age golden retriever died that morning.

"So, my girlfriend has had her golden retriever for 15 years. She absolutely loved him, as I'm sure you can imagine," he wrote on Reddit.

"I received a text message from her while I was at work telling me her dog passed away this morning in his sleep, most likely due to old age. I felt terrible for her, and I was a bit sad too because I've come to adore that dog over the last year or so."

Then I remembered a Reddit thread yesterday where someone's dog has just died as well, and in the comments was a crudely drawn, but very touching comic showing a dog on his deathbed trying to express his thanks to his owner for giving him such a great life.

I had this comic (warning, sadness)...

"...saved in my phone, so I decided to send it to her."

Unfortunately, after finding the perfect (but incredibly upsetting) cartoon to comfort his mourning girlfriend, he fell at the last hurdle. And massively f*cked up.

"I selected the image and immediately hit send, however my fingers decided to play the cruelest of jokes on me and didn't select the correct photo. I accidentally selected the photo right below it in my photo album, and hit send before my brain could even comprehend the major fuckup I had just committed..."

"I ended up sending THIS photo by accident..."

Yep. He sent her text that told her to >GETFUCKED pasted onto a photo of a derp-dog, just one more reminder her that her dog just died.

Fortunately, he realised his mistake pretty quickly:

"I immediately told her I sent the wrong image and sent her the correct one. She said 'lol, it's ok', but I still feel awful and just know that for those 10-20 seconds from when she got the image to when she got my rambling apology, she was probably thinking I was the worst person on the face of the earth."

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